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Himsagar is a popular variety of mango (Mangifera indica) that is primarily grown in the Indian state of West Bengal. It is known for its unique taste, aroma, and distinct sweetness. The mango is named after the Himsagar region, where it is predominantly cultivated.

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Himsagar mangoes are known for their quality and taste. They are medium-sized, weighing between 250–350 grams, and have a golden-yellow color with occasional orange blushes when ripe.

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Himsagar is one of the most expensive as well as finest varieties of mangoes. The mangoes are grown mainly in the West Bengal.

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Unique Flavor Profile

Himsagar mangoes are known for their exceptional sweetness and rich aroma. The unique blend of flavors in these mangoes sets them apart and makes them a favorite among mango enthusiasts.

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Quality and Freshness

When you buy Himsagar mangoes, especially if sourced directly from the region where they are cultivated, you are more likely to get fresh and high-quality fruit. The mangoes are typically harvested at the peak of ripeness, ensuring a delightful eating experience.

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Culinary Versatility

Himsagar mangoes can be enjoyed in various ways. Whether eaten fresh, used in desserts, blended into juices, or incorporated into savory dishes, the versatility of these mangoes makes them a popular choice for culinary purposes.

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Regional Specialty

Himsagar mangoes are a regional specialty of West Bengal, particularly the Himsagar region. People who appreciate unique and regional varieties of fruits may seek out Himsagar mangoes to experience a taste that is distinct to this specific area.

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Limited Availability

The Himsagar mango season is relatively short, usually falling between April and June. Due to this limited availability, people may be more inclined to purchase Himsagar mangoes when they are in season to enjoy their unique qualities.

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Cultural and Traditional Significance

Mangoes, including specific varieties like Himsagar, often hold cultural and traditional significance in many regions. Purchasing Himsagar mangoes might be a way for individuals to participate in or celebrate local traditions associated with these fruits.

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More About Himsagar Mango

Appearance: Himsagar mangoes are medium to large in size with an oblong or ovate shape. The skin is smooth and greenish-yellow when ripe.

Flavor: The mango is renowned for its exceptional sweetness, rich aroma, and a unique blend of flavors. The flesh is juicy and tender.

Aroma: Himsagar mangoes are known for their strong, pleasant aroma, which adds to their appeal.

Harvesting Season: The harvesting season for Himsagar mangoes typically falls in late spring to early summer, usually between April and June.

Geographical Origin: Himsagar mangoes are primarily cultivated in the Himsagar region of West Bengal, India.

Culinary Uses: These mangoes are often enjoyed fresh as a delicious and refreshing fruit. They are also used in various culinary preparations, including desserts, juices, and chutneys.


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